Shaken Baby Prevention

Prevención de Bebé Sacudido

Period of PURPLE Crying Program® A New Way to Understand Infant Crying.

PROBLEM: Infants in our community are being injured by frustrated caregivers.
PROGRAM: Parents receive a ten minute DVD and booklet to take home. This educational material teaches parents that infant crying is normal, but that it can also be very frustrating. Parents are taught strategies to help them cope with infant crying, they are also encouraged to share the information they receive in the hospital with anyone who will care for their infant.

  • To educate parents and the community about normal infant development, specifically, crying
  • To present a positive message for caregivers about coping with infant crying
  • Prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome and all injuries to infants inflicted by a frustrated adult.

Key points of the Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) prevention program.

  • Most increased crying is part of normal infant development;
  • When the baby’s crying seems unusual or excessive to the caregiver, they should check with their baby’s doctor to be sure there are no medical problems.
  • Many aspects of early infant crying (e.g. long lasting and in the evening) can be frustrating;
  • Caregivers need to know that although crying is normal and expected, it is still frustrating;
  • If the infant’s crying becomes too frustrating for the caregiver, it is okay to put the baby down in a safe place (e.g. crib with side rails up) and take a short break
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome happens when a frustrated adult shakes a baby back and forth. This shaking may lead to brain damage, blindness or death.
  • Primary caregivers need to educate others who care for their infant about the dangers of SBS.

To learn more about SBS and the Period of PURPLE Crying visit the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome: