Pinwheels for Prevention – Plant a Pinwheel for a Child

By Roberta Humphries, Executive Director

April, Child Abuse Prevention month, is a wonderful time for you to show your support of the children in our community and take a stand against child abuse.  Planting a pinwheel garden is one of the ways we as a community can bring awareness to this problem. 

The pinwheel is the symbol of child abuse and neglect prevention and symbolizes the stable, healthy childhood all children deserve.  Putting pinwheels in your yard or business creates awareness in our community that this is truly a community matter and we all have a role in children’s healthy development and growth. 

April is an ideal time for us as a community to look back, to acknowledge the children who have suffered and the losses sustained throughout our communities because of that suffering.  Last fiscal year, July 2015 – June 2016, the Child Advocacy Center provided services to 773 children who were referred to us for allegations of abuse.  April is also a time to look forward – most of all to a time when children no longer have to live in fear.  Our vision is a community where children live in a safe and nurturing environment free from sexual and physical abuse. 

April is a time to remind us that no matter the challenges we face as individuals, caring for all our children must always be our first priority. 

By planting a pinwheel garden, you are showing your support, creating awareness and letting everyone know that we all play a role in building safe communities for our children. 

How you can help:  plant a pinwheel garden in your front yard, plant pinwheels in flower pots or vases at your office, hang pinwheels from trees or porches, wear a pinwheel pin, wear blue during the month of April showing your support of child abuse prevention.    

The following items are available at the Child Advocacy Center to help you get ready for April:  Home Pinwheel Kit (24 pinwheels and a yard sign); Pinwheel Garden Flag; Swarovski Pinwheel Pin; Metal Pinwheel Lapel Pin.

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