We Appreciate Our Volunteers and Team Members

By Faith Boehmer, Prevention/Volunteer Coordinator and Roberta Humphries, Executive Director

Pictured: Sharon Glover, Alliance Behavioral Health; Lelia Goode-Eatmon, CCDSS; Jeannie Fiser, CFVH; Regina Mitchell,CCDSS; Det. Stephen Conrad, FPD; Det. Robert DeShields, FPD

On February 23, the Child Advocacy Center honored its volunteers and community partners for their service to the CAC during 2016 with a special Volunteer/MDT Recognition Dinner held at the Kiwanis Recreation Center. Dinner was catered by Charlotte Riggle. The crowd engaged in a modified but lively game of Scattergories which had them thinking of words to describe the Multi-Disciplinary Team, Volunteers and the Child Advocacy Center.  It was a fun way for those in attendance to interact and get to know each other better. The theme of the evening was “Essential Pieces”. Each of our community partners and volunteers are essential pieces, because as a Child Advocacy Center and a community working to protect children, we only succeed when all our essential pieces come together and work together to bring hope and healing to the children of our community.

Pictured L to R: Det. Larry Sheets, CCSO; Det. Daniel Frankart, CCSO; Lt. Bobby Jeffers, CCSO

Community partners/ Multi Disciplinary Team members were recognized in the following categories:

            Agency 100% attendance at Case Review
                        Cumberland County Department of Social Services (CCDSS)
                        Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO)
                        Fayetteville Police Department (FPD)

            Most Attendance at CAC Sponsored Trainings
                        Det. Wes Bagley, CCSO
                        Det. Daniel Frankart, CCSO
                        Det. Larry Sheets, CCSO
                        Lt. Bobby Jeffers, CCSO

            Observed Most Forensic Interviews
                        Det. Daniel Frankart, CCSO
                        Det. Timothy Huggins, FPD
                        Regina Mitchell – CCDSS

            Attended Most Case Review Meetings
                        Sgt. Peggy Smith, FPD
                        Sharon Glover, Alliance Behavioral Health
                        Jeannie Fiser, CFVH
                        Det. Shannon Odenwelder, CCSO
                        Ty Davis, CCDSS

Volunteers were recognized in various categories for the work they contribute to the CAC.  During 2016, our volunteers contributed 2231.25 hours of service to the CAC which is valued at a monetary total of $52,568.25.

Pictured: Kristen Danet; Bobby Alvarez, CarMax; Samantha De La Cruz, Wells Fargo; Paula Cox and Gloria Moran, Kohls; Jane Johnson; Frank Pierce

Volunteers who were recognized for providing more than 40 hours of service to the CAC were:  Ann Shaw, Beth Keever, Caitlin Evans, Carol Wheeler, Cecile Griffin, Cindy Williams, Debbie Jenkins, Frank Pierce, Howard Loughlin, Jackie O’Donnell, Joyce Loughlin, Julia Adkins, Karen Tisdale, Kathy Maynor, Lucy Jones, Lydia Short, Mandy Pittman, Mike Hardin, Morgan Boehmer, Neil Bergman, Robin Hurmence, Sue Perkins, Tim Edwards, Tina Royal, and Trish Neely.

The Facilitator of the Year award was presented to Kristen Danet and Frank Pierce for their outstanding service in providing child abuse awareness and prevention workshops to the community.  Kristen and Frank became Darkness to Light Stewards of Children facilitators in January 2016 and each conducted 10 workshops and in total trained 329 people in Stewards of Children. 

The SHINE Award (Sharing, Helpful, Inquisitive, Needed, Educate) was presented to Jane Johnson.  Jane has volunteered with the CAC for three years.  Jane assists with community awareness events, helps with mailings and is instrumental in the community Pinwheel Campaign. Through her efforts, the number of pinwheel gardens displayed during April by businesses and individuals in our community has grown significantly.  Thanks to Jane’s tireless work we are well on the way to having 10,000 pinwheels displayed in our community this April.

The Group Award went to three businesses that have worked with the CAC for several years.  Bobby Alvarez accepted the award on behalf of CarMax. Gloria Moran and Paula Cox accepted the award on behalf of Kohl’s and Samantha De La Cruz accepted the award on behalf of Wells Fargo.  These organizations encourage their employees to assist the CAC in many varied activities.  These include helping with mailings, volunteering at our fundraising events, the annual Child Abuse Summit and Community Prevention Breakfast, making comfort blankets for the children who come to the Center, and donating a variety of needed supplies including two beautiful stuffed horses from Wells Fargo.  It is not uncommon to pass through our family waiting rooms and find a child snuggling up to one of the horses named Snowflake and Mack.           

Youth Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Morgan Boehmer.

Morgan is a young lady who works hard and strives to show compassion to all she meets. She logged 61.5 hours this past year working to help the staff at the CAC. She prepared workbooks for the prevention classes, put together packets for the families that come to the Center, helped organize our storage building and was a commentator for the 2016 American Girl Fashion Show.    She currently is assisting on Tuesday evenings with our Girls Support and Empowerment Group.

Pictured: Morgan Beth Boehmer

 Volunteer of the Year was awarded to Frank Pierce.

When asked to describe Frank in one word the CAC staff came up with the following:  Fantastic, Committed, Dependable, Compassionate, Consistent, Encouraging, Empathetic, Empowering and Sweet.  Frank provided 151.5 hours of service to the CAC during 2016.  Frank began volunteering with the CAC in October 2015 after having retired from the CC Sheriff’s Office.  He became a certified Darkness to Light Stewards of Children Facilitator in January 2016, represented the CAC at numerous community events throughout the year, helped redesign the CAC community display, assisted with multiple mailings and participated in other activities at the Center.  Frank is willing to assist the CAC with any task from staffing the community display at a weekend event to hauling a trailer full of pinwheels from Raleigh so we do not have to pay for shipping costs.  Frank has a true passion for helping children, the CAC and our community.

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